4 Awesome Reasons To Try Storage Units in Jacksonville

A self-storage facility might seem to usual for some people but for others who are new to it, they might it a bit overwhelming. Just seeing how many units that are adjacent to each other, one might ponder what the stuff is beyond those many doors. If you ever watched that popular TV series about rummaging through people’s storage, you might be excited to see such facility.

For today though, we are going to focus on the awesome reasons why you should try a storage unit.

For the sake of moving.

So far, moving is one of the most usual reasons why people would go for a storage unit. In some cases, you might not have an idea about the amount of space that your new home would have, especially if you’re just renting a space. Would your furniture fit into your new room? Or there’s just not enough room to fit? Renting a storage unit near your new location would be an excellent choice to provide a solution to this dilemma.

Store items with sentimental value.

Everyone has their unique items like keepsakes that they can’t seem to get rid. It could be your childhood toys, your grandfather’s books and so on. The problem is, you can’t keep all that stuff in your home as it would take up a lot of space. A great solution is to have a unit to hang on to that valuable things. There is an ample amount of storage containers Jacksonville FL can offer if ever you’re in the area.

Store your large vehicles.

You might have a garage, but if you have a boat or RV, that might be a bit tricky. You wouldn’t want to display your boat all year round, and the truth is, your vehicle would be more prone to damage most especially during the winter. Storage units can have some climate control which can keep the quality of your car, boat or any transportation from harsh temperatures. There are a lot of features that a storage unit could offer that would benefit you and your items.

Keep your home spic and span.

Getting tired of the extra holiday gifts that you can’t seem to use? Getting a storage unit can help you declutter and store those items that you rarely use. You wouldn’t want to live in a messy house as it would just make you feel tired. Purging some items here and there would help you get that organized space.

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Outdoor Adventures in Jax

If you’re  more adventurous who prefers to explore the outdoors than staying cooped up in some mall, you would be happy to explore nice trails here in Jax. Here are some of my personal favorites that are just too cool to be missed:

walkkCastaway Island Preserve

885 San Pablo Rd S
Jacksonville, FL 32224
Phone number (904) 630-4100

Take a lovely walk along the trail along with kids and even your pet. You can enjoy watching the sunrise and even picnic tables to enjoy a nice meal. If you want to ease your mind off some things or just simply want to think about some deep thoughts, this is the spot.

Tillie K Fowler Regional Park

700 Roosevelt Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32244
Phone number (904) 573-2498

If you’re up for a short hike along the forest, this park would give you nice trail to explore. It’s not that crowded and you can enjoy a lovely view of the marsh and the river as a reward for your hike. Another good thing is it’s free of charge!

hikeJacksonville-Baldwin Rail-Trail

1798 Imeson Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32099

If you love biking and enjoying nice scenery, this trail will truly be enjoyable. You don’t need to be stressed out by traffic along the paved road and some water fountains to bring some extra convenience.

Julington-Durbin Preserve

13130 Bartram Park Blvd2
Jacksonville, FL 32258

This pristine place provides a beautiful running trail with a scenic forest scene. No need to worry about hot temperatures during summer for the lovely tree cover would give enough shade for you.

What’s your favorite place for an outdoor treat?

How To Enjoy Date Night in Jacksonville

Want to have a romantic moment with your date in Jax? There are a lot of places that would create the perfect and magical moment. Here are 5 things to try:

movieSun-Ray Cinema

If you’re up for a retro-filled night, you can head down to Sun-Ray Cinema and enjoy a classic movie with your sweetheart. They offer some traditional movie snacks which also has some vegan choices. Comfortable seats and eclectic decors would just add more flair to your evening.

Pinot’s Palette

Feeling great for wine and art? This joint would be perfect for a special celebration together and even creating a masterpiece. You would also create a nice memory of just painting the night away and sipping wine of course.

pianoAlhambra Theatre and Dining

Up for some music and entertaining shows? Alhambra Theatre and Dining would easily turn date night into a blast! You could enjoy Broadway shows and savor delectable meals at the same time.

San Marco Theatre

Have a blast from the past and enjoy paired seat with your loved one. It’s just as if you’re enjoying a movie together in your living room but with a bigger screen to indulge in.

Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurants

Avid wine lovers? You go head down to this place and enjoy good food together with tasteful wine. There are a lot of wine to choose from and a glass of wine would certainly make the night more special.

8 Things To Do in Jax With Kids

Having fun in Jacksonville is not just for adults, it can be for kids, too! Here are great activities that you could do with your kids in Jax:

catCatty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary

Kids would be extremely delighted to see big cats up close. This cozy home for endangered big cats could help educate kids about wildlife and their behavior. You can even take your kids to see the feedings if they can stay up late, that is.

Amelia Island

This lovely island offers a lot of activities for you and your kids to enjoy. You can take a horse ride on the beach, go kayaking and even munch on meals that would suit your kids’ tastes.

dolphinFun With The Dolphins

If your kids are into sea animals, well this is the perfect place to have fun! Head on to Marineland which is located in St. Augustine. There are a lot of exciting activities such as swimming with the dolphins which can be a magical moment for your kids.

Cummer Museum & Gardens

Are your kids into arts and plants? This would a sweet spot for them to explore and stimulate their creativity. Not only would they feast their eyes on eye-catching art but also enjoy the beautiful view of the lake.

giraffeThe Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens

Who would not be thrilled in feeding giraffes? Apart from that, your kids would love the other programs in this colorful zoo.

Museum of Science and History

Museums are not boring if you’re asking. Kids will have a blast in fun exhibits that could also be educational. Admissions are not that expensive as well.

Tree Hill Nature Center

Want to be closer to nature? Check out this cool place with nature tails, a butterfly house and a lot shade to enjoy the fun activities!

Museum of Contemporary Art

Another museum to explore which features great artwork from local artists. If you’re kids are into expressing their artistic sense, they could do so at the special kid’s area!