Tips For Moving to Jacksonville – DIY Edition

Jacksonville, FL is mesmerizing, and we know that most people would jump at the chance of moving to this lovely city. But, then comes the decision of whether hiring the best moving companies in Jacksonville, Florida or doing it on your own.

When moving without a Ponte Vedra moving company, expect to lift and carry boxes along with family and friends which make it necessary that everything is well planned. To move to float on the good, and you will have done everything required, it is likely that all are active all the time. Therefore, be sure to have a detailed plan for what to do and when. Tell us at the beginning of moving day about the idea and how you expect everything. Dare then also delegate tasks to your assistants. You will of course not be at all places at once. Stop yourself in the old home and let someone else take responsibility for the new. Make a map of where all the furniture and things should be to make it clear to your porterage where to put your stuff.

Lifting and carrying cardboard boxes ergonomically

When moving, and decide not to hire a moving company will be self-implement a lot of work, namely carrying moving boxes. It is important to take moving boxes in a way that does not harm the body. Make sure that both you and your porterage follow these tips on how to lift and carry moving boxes.

The most important thing when to wear and carry heavy lifting is to think back. The single biggest risk of injury when to lift and carry moving boxes are just back.

It is important to consider when to lift and move the cardboard boxes is to use such large muscle groups as possible and as mentioned above, avoid straining your back. Bend firmly on the knees and use your legs together with your hips when lifting the box. When lifting, be sure to keep the box as close to the body as possible. If you do this, you use more muscles in the arms and can be supported by the body that reduces the risk of repetitive strain injuries.

When carrying boxes, be careful not to turn the back and neck unnecessarily. It can tear on the spine. Instead, use your feet to rotate.

When you pack your moving boxes, be careful not to pack them too heavy. If you pack too heavy, it will be difficult not use leverage like a lift with your back. Stingy why not on the number of cartons. It’s better with more light lifting than getting heavy.

To get a clear image of how to lift the moving boxes, take a look at the YouTube video above. It shows clearly how a lift is done in the best way without hurting your back.

Other tips for the back that can be useful: if you feel you have a problem with it is to use chairs with good back support; the spine forms a straight line all the way. It is also good to vary the seat position, standing or walking parts of the day.

Good luck with the move and hope it goes smoothly to lift and carry!

Genius Nail Art You Can Do At Home

These days, it’s no longer just about knowing how to perfectly paint your nails. Sure, you still get plus points for coating those nails flawlessly, but those who add whose nails are transformed into art are given more premium. Yes, nail art– the perfect excuse to add beads, glitters, and other materials on your nails. There’s no need to use fancy products or tools because the only thing that you need to make beautiful nail art is creativity and motivation.

We made a list of some nail art hacks that you can do at home so you won’t have to spend a lot apply-nail-polishof cash a the nail salon in Jacksonville, FL:

I Zig, You Zag

Dig out those shearing scissors you used to cut shapes when you were a kid. Get some scotch tape and use the sheard scissors to cut shapes and patterns. Stick the tape on your nails after applying the first colored nail polish. Apply a different color above the tape and remove when dry. You’ll see interesting scalloped or zig-zag patterns!

Nails of the Same Feather

It’s almost impossible to paint a free-hand feather on a nail so we thought of an easy solution to this problem: instead of painting, why not use real feathers? To do this, all you have to do is cut real feathers into the shape of your nails. Place the feather on your nail and then coat it with clear glue. Trim off excees parts of the feather with cuticle scissors.

Carve and Stamp

This hack is perfect for those who want leopard spots or tiger stripes on their nails. You don’t have to draw them one by one because you can actually carve them! Just grab a pencil eraser and carve the shape that you want. When you’re done, just grab some nail polish and stamp away!

Newspaper Nails

You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to create newspaper-inspired nail art. All you have to do is paint the white base coat on your nails and let it dry for a few minutes. Then, quickly dip your nails in alcohol, place newspaper on top of your nails and rub it gently. Peel off the newspaper and ta-da! Newspaper nails! If you can’t find any alcohol, you can also use vodka.newspaper-nails

Lace-y Nails

Get those pieces of lace lying around the house, cut them, and wrap them around your nails. With a makeup sponge, dab some nail polish above the lace. This will reveal classy and sophisticated lace-inspired nail designs!

All You Need Is Love

Heart accents on the nails are divine, especially when you put it on just one nail as an accent. One technique that you can do so you can draw that perfect heart is by using a handy dandy toothpick. Use the pointed tip to make two colorful equal-sized dots beside each other. Drag each dot at a 45 degree angle until they meet in the middle. Ta-da! Colored heart nail art!

A Splash of Color

To create this effect, dip a slanted makeup brush and use it to splatter different colors on your nails to achieve that Jackson Pollock effect. Make sure that you dip the brush in nail polish remover so it’s thin enough to be splattered on your nails. Don’t forget to apply a thin layer of colorless nail polish to seal the colors. If you don’t have a slanted makeup brush, you can also use a short straw to blow the colored nail polish.

Lemon Shots

Satisfy your tequila cravings with lemon nail art. With the back of a paintbrush, draw lemons on your nails. Use a mechanical pencil and dip it in green nail nail polish to draw some leaves – a very important detail so the lemons look like actual fruits and not just yellow dots.

Sharpie Art

If you find it difficult to paint using the nail polish brush, you can opt to use a Sharpie. Yes, a Sharpie. This is much easier to control, and there are so many colors that you can play with. Seal it with a good colorless top coat and you’re good to go.

Nail Stickers

Another effortless way to paint or draw shapes and designs on your nails is by using a Ziploc bag. Just paint the design on the bag, let it dry for a couple of minutes, and then peel it off. Stick the designs on your nails and secure it by painting a thin layer of colorless top coat.

Stencil Tape

Speaking of nail stickers, you can punch shaped holes on tapes and use it as a stencil. Stick the tape on your nail, dab some nail polish (you can use two colors if you want), and let it dry. Peel off the tape and apply a thin layer of colorless nail polish.


Dots and Band Aids

Ever noticed those tiny holes in the band aid? You can actually use them as nail art stencils! Stick the band aid on your nail, dab some nail polish over it, and peel it off once it’s dry. Seal the mini polka dots with a colorless top coat after!

There are so many nail art designs that you can do by yourself. Some seem complicated but really, it’s just about being creative and knowing how to experiment with the colors and materials around you.